Our Capabilities

Our California Concept-to-Turnkey facility can provide you with design engineering, metal fabrication, assembly, graphics and screen printing, power coating, standard and custom packaging, product logistics, and much more.

The Manufacturing Process

concept fabrication finishes silk screening assembly packaging inventory Planning

Engineering & Design

  • Let us be your design partner. A custom product made in the USA does not have to be an expensive or painful project. Tri MAP has been providing these services for more than 30 years. We have intimate knowledge of industrial enclosures and systems. On more than one occasion Tri MAP engineers have started a project with nothing more than a napkin sketch. The industry knowledge that our engineers maintain is only matched by their ability to put it into practical applications. Tri MAP can take your 'napkin sketch' and turn it into a working prototype. Bring us your project ideas and designs. We can turn it into a functional project and support all of your delivery needs.


  • Precision sheet metal
  • 3d printing
  • machining
  • castings
  • welding and more


  • Various finishing options to meet your needs:
  • Raw material, graining, bead-blasting, powdercoating,
    chemical finishes such as annodized and alodine;
    custom silk screening for standard text or custom logos

Silk Screening

  • In-house silk screening
  • Custom logos and print designs
  • We can use your artwork or help create it
  • Check out more silk screening:
  • Gallery

Mechanical Assembly

  • At Tri MAP we can meet your specific assembly requirements
  • From basic assembly to installation of LED's, switches, fans, filters,
    power supplies, custom cabling, and much more.

Packaging & Shipping

  • At Tri MAP we collaborate with the customer to meet their custom or standard packaging needs
  • We can ship directly to you or drop ship to your customer

Inventory & Planning

  • At Tri MAP we will work with you to ensure the
    right inventory at the right time.
  • Long-term forecast or J.I.T (Just in Time)